Bring a friend, Familienferien in Österreich, Hotel Lagant, Vorarlberg
Refer friends + collect credit

Bring a friend

and win holiday days

Friends welcome - It's that easy!

You recommend one of the fam family hotels (Hotel Mateera, Hotel Lagant) to your friends or acquaintances after your stay. If your recommendation results in a booking (at least 3 consecutive nights), you will receive a credit of EUR 5 per night and per adult. For two people staying for a week, this is already EUR 70 on the credit side of your Schwärzler account and will be automatically deducted from your next bill.

We thank them with a small token of our appreciation.

The only requirement for redeeming the credit is that you bring the completed "Bring a Friend" coupon with you on your next visit. We will surprise your friend with a welcome gift. Please give him the "Newcomer" coupon.

Download the coupons, print them out and share them with your friends.